Alicia Martín

06.09.2018 - 07.27.2018

Lucía Mendoza Gallery presents the exhibition of the multidisciplinary artist Alicia Martín.

en equilibrio

Cristina Avello, Stefano Bonacci

04.14.2018 - 06.02.2018

Two multidisciplinary artists whose common point is the search for balance, understood as the harmonic point that dictates the moment in which the work is finished, in which its elements have a pre

Inside view

Peter Demetz

01.27.2018 - 04.07.2018

We are pleased to announce the first exhibition by Peter Demetz at Lucía Mendoza art gallery. The Italian sculptor proposes a work carved on wood as the only material to accomplish his purposes.

Lara Φ Cuétara

Mercedes Lara, Fernando Cuétara

11.25.2017 - 01.19.2018

Space, time and light make up the axis on which we articulate this exhibition.

Open air art

Public and private outdoor spaces enhance their beauty with the installation of sculptures that interact with the environment integrating art into nature, no matter where we are.

Open air art is a new line of work that aims to satisfy the growing demand for outdoor sculptures. Of great relevance between curators and collectors, it already has a strong representation in international museums and foundations, in both public and private management.

Sculptures designed to be exhibited outdoors, to enhance private and public spaces. Lucia Mendoza art gallery has gathered works of internationally recognized artists that may be shown throughout the year, interacting with the environment, reflecting the time, playing with the nuances of colors and lights.

Last news

Lecuona & Hernández at La Regenta Art Center

Beatriz Lecuona and Óscar Hernández have inaugurated the exhibition "Hábitos Modernos" at La Regenta Art Center, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. The exhibition can be visited free of charge from April 20th to June 23rd.


The exhibition is curated by Roc Laseca.

The artistic residency of Cristina Gamón in Filipines

Cristina Gamón has been the artist invited by the Galerie Stephanie to make an artistic residency in Manila. This was the first time that she has worked and exhibited her work in the Asian continent.


Her most recent projects are related to Goethe's Color Theory. This is due to her stay in residence in the geographical North Pole, where, because of the summer solstice, she considered how to represent the transition of colors caused by sunlight throughout the day, since there is no sunrise or dusk.