Oliver Czarnetta

01.12.2019 - 03.16.2019

OPENING: January 12th, 2019. Pareidolia, describes a vague and random stimulus normally represented by an image that is perceived in a recognizable way.

singularidad material

Toshiro Yamaguchi

11.17.2018 - 01.05.2019

Opening, November 17 th, 2018. In material singularity Toshiro adds the opaque sonority of the pigments, the dimorphic structures.

Cuestiones Vivas

Lecuona y Hernández

09.13.2018 - 11.10.2018

On the occasion of Arte_Madrid's Apertura Gallery Weekend program, we introduce the first Lecuona and Hernández solo exhibition at the Lucía Mendoza Gallery.


Alicia Martín

06.09.2018 - 07.27.2018

Lucía Mendoza Gallery presents the exhibition of the multidisciplinary artist Alicia Martín.

Open air art

Public and private outdoor spaces enhance their beauty with the installation of sculptures that interact with the environment integrating art into nature, no matter where we are.

Open air art is a new line of work that aims to satisfy the growing demand for outdoor sculptures. Of great relevance between curators and collectors, it already has a strong representation in international museums and foundations, in both public and private management.

Sculptures designed to be exhibited outdoors, to enhance private and public spaces. Lucia Mendoza art gallery has gathered works of internationally recognized artists that may be shown throughout the year, interacting with the environment, reflecting the time, playing with the nuances of colors and lights.

Last news

Stefano Bonacci exhibits at the Palace Ducale di Gubbio


Stefano Bonacci participates in the group exhibition of the X edition of Viaggiatori sulla Flaminia titled Albabeti and that can be seen until April 7th, 2019 in the Palazzo Ducale di Gubbio,(Perugia, Italy).

The exhibition establishes a comparison between the works of contemporary artists, the context of the space and the classical artists. The works are inspired by writing in all its semantic and symbolic variants, from the pre-alphabet to the inscriptions.


Lucia Mendoza Gallery announces its participation in Estampa Art Fair, which will take place from October 18th to October 21st of 2018. You will join us at stand 2C02. 

We will be showing a selection of works by Luna Bengoechea, Stefano Bonacci, Oliver Czarnetta, Peter Demetz, Cristina Gamón, Mercedes Lara, Lecuona y Hernández, Salustiano and Toshiro Yamaguchi. 

Estampa is located in Hall 2 of the fairground Rey Juan Carlos, IFEMA, Madrid (Av. Partenón, 5. 28042, Madrid).

Opening hours: