Elena Lavellés

1981, Madrid, España

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I am a visual artist and filmmaker, originally from Madrid (Spain). For years, I have lived and worked between New York City, Los Angeles, Madrid, and Mexico City.

My work is research and fieldwork-based and explores the intersection between social and geological layers within the frame of art politics, anthropology, and ecology to create installations in which I use photography, video, and archival material as the main language. This form of combining cultural and natural landscape allows me to delve into consequences of these relationships, some of them being environmental racism, ecological debt, corporate imperialism, resilience and, especially, the importance of decolonizing, not just history but also our concept of nature and the construction we have made of it.

My ideas and artistic process involve other artists, scientists, academics, and activist organizations from different fields invested in promoting social and cultural empowerment as tools for expanding art and creativity. The goal is to expand the way in which people can create alternative ways of living, understanding the world, and collaborating to make change possible.

In my projects I establish a geopolitical conversation between different regions within a historical-temporal cycle, establishing a dialogue between case studies on local and intermediate scales that illustrate a larger picture. In the process, I am committed to exploring the relationship between race, class, gender, and nature in the current moment of climate crisis and return of nationalism, euro-skepticism, and anti-immigration attitudes, since the impacts of these issues are not equally distributed between social classes and geographies.

I aim to investigate experiences that we consider belonging to the other but are not just so, using ecological analysis as a means of understanding human history. This implies pluralizing geological and historical thought as a political project of resisting, transforming or escaping the western tradition within the scope of environmental history.




2017   Whitney Independent Study Program. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, USA 

2015   MFA Photography & Media e Integrated Media. California Institute of the Arts -CalArts, Los  Angeles, USA

2012   Higher Studies Photography. Syracuse University, Departament: Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse, New York, USA                       

2011   Official Master’s Degree in Contemporary Art from the European University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain

2010   Bachelor’s degree of Arts, C.E.S Felipe II, Complutense Universitiy of Madrid, Madrid, Spain

2003   Higher Studies in Geological Sciences (U.C.M), Madrid, Spain

1999   Higher Studies in Philosophy (U.C.M), Madrid, Spain





(F)Actors en Route, Centro de Creación Contemporánea CRA, Matadero, Madrid, Spain

Future Relics, Blueproject Foundation, Barcelona, Spain



Transaction Boundaries, Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico, Mexico City



Transaction Boundaries, Indianapolis Museum of Modern Art -iMOCA Indianapolis, USA



An Apology for Ownership, A402 Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

From Dust to Mud, Sala Amadís, Madrid, Spain



Home, Sweet Home? Stevenson Blanche Gallery, Los Angeles, USA



Conections, Spark Gallery, Syracuse, New York, USA



  ¡Yo y mi fusil, Señor! ¡Por mis cojones que no nos veis! Galería Espacio F, Madrid, Spain





Overview Effect Part 1, Museum of Contemporary Art -Belgrade, Serbia

The New Dictionary of Old Ideas, CentroCentro (Madrid), Silk Museum (Tbilisi), Meetfactory (Prague) y Trafo (Szczecin)



Fingers Crossed, ADN Platform Gallery, San Cugat, Cataluña, Spain

Proyector Video and Film Festival, Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid, Spain

The Water Office, Fair Water, a Right of All, Embajada de España, Washington D.C., USA

El giro notacional, MUSAC-Contemporary Art Museum Castilla y León, Spain



Generaciones 2018, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain

Cartografías líquidas, Instituto de México en España, Madrid, Spain



Cartografías líquidas, Museo Artium de Vitoria, Vitoria, Spain

Cartografías líquidas, Museo Carrillo Gil, Mexico City, Mexico

Whitney ISP Studio, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Project Space, New York, USA



Realidades especulativas, Centro Cultural Metropolitano de Quito - Museo Alberto Mena Camaño, Quito, Ecuador

Cuestionamiento, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Guimaraens, Portugal

Cuestionamiento II, Sala de Arte Joven, Madrid, Spain



De la cabaña a la comunidad, Espacio Función Lenguaje, Institute Cervantes, Madrid, Spain

Qué se puede: contruir, enseñar, curar, Sala Amadis, Madrid, Spain



XXV Circuitos de Artes Plásticas de la Comunidad de Madrid, Sala de Arte Joven, Spain

Port of Call, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Singapur

Intransit 2014, C Arte C (Centro de Arte Complutense), Madrid, Spain

Una forma que piensa, Artistas con una mirada cinematográfica, Galería Atlántica, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain

Comisariado Blurred, CalArts, Los Angeles, USA



Ecology is Dead, D300 Gallery, Los Angeles, USA



Fuuck, Photography Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina

ncongruencias, Espacio de arte contemporáneo Off Limits, Madrid, Spain

Limonocho, Calipsofacto Express, Madrid, Spain

 …En proceso, Curatorial Project for AVAM workshops, in collaboration with Calipsofacto Curators and Anne-Françoise Raskin, Estudios AVAM, Madrid, Spain

Proyecto Cabanyal Archivo Vivo, in collaboration with La Esfera Azul Asociación Cultural (Valencia/España.)  and the Ministerio de Cultura de España, Spain

Artistic Direction and Curatorship, DON JUAN TENORIO 2011 en el Campo de Cebada, Madrid, Spain



Nos hacemos los suecos. C. C. La Asunción, Albacete, Spain



Armarios de Mujer, C.C. Galileo, Madrid, Spain

Works in Institutions

MUSAC, León, Spain

Fundación Montemadrid, Madrid, Spain

Institute of Contemporary Art, Singapur

Centro Cultural de España en México, Mexico City, Mexico

Awards & Recognitions


The New Dictionary of Old Ideas, Hablar en Arte y Centro Centro, Madrid, Spain



Residence Programme Blueproject Foundation, Barcelona, Spain

Multiverse Grant to the Creation in Video Art, 2017, BBVA Foundation, Bilbao, Spain

I Call for Matadero Residence Program, Madrid, Spain

Generaciones 2018, La Casa Encendida, MonteMadrid Foundation, Madrid, Spain

Aids for the creation of visual arts in the Community of Madrid, Spain

NYSCA 2017 Electronic Media & Film Finishing Funds Grants, New York, USA

Emergency Grant, Foundation for Cotemporary Arts, New York, USA



PICE Mobility Grant, 2016, AC/E Acción Cultural Española

Residence Grant abroad for Young artists from the Comunity of Madrid, Spain



Grant of Excellence of the Government of Mexico fror Artistic Production, Mexico City, Mexico

Transaction Boundaries project fund, Efroymson Family Fund, Indianapolis, USA

Bartman Grant, CalArts. Los Angeles, USA



XXV Circuitos de Artes Plásticas de la Comunidad de Madrid, Spain

Artist Residency Tropical Lab 8, Singapur

Instransit, Madrid, Spain

Open Studios de la Comunidad de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Diversity Grant CalArts, Los Angeles, USA

Interdisciplinary Grant CalArts, Los Angeles, USA



Grant and Teaching Assistantship CalArts, 2013/2015, Los Angeles, USA

Casa de Velázquez artistic Grant, Madrid, Spain



Grant and Teaching Assistantship, 2012/2013, VPA, Departamento de Transmedia, Syracuse University, New York, USA



Certamen Espacio F. Proyecto: El Peso de lo fingido en la realidad, Madrid, Spain