Chirino & Chirino

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  • Participating Artists: 

    Marta Chirino, Martín Chirino

  • Date:  02.20.2014 - 04.20.2014
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This exhibition has been a surprise for us from the moment of its conception.
Throughout the first approach, the subsequent reflection as during the designing
process we have learned to find in both Marta and Martín Chirino’s works how they are two artists attached by ties exceeding the artistic, but is precisely in that artistic
conection where we can best observe that union.
Her work is of exquisite subtlety and again rotund. Each stroke of her pencil is part of a plot that turns her delicate drawings in works of great strength.

The overwhelming force of nature shines in every fine line. Utilizing a brittle material such as paper and as sober as the pencil technique, Marta Chirino shows a certainty, sincerity, and honesty really breathtaking in her drawings.
Iron, bronze, materials that appear to be rude and even aggressive become docile and friendly, cutting space with Martin Chirino’s shapes. The author turns the coarseness of the material into the elegance of the appearance.

Both, as I said above, joined by a link which gives them the ability to convert sutile to rotund, nature into art, espiritual into material.