Cuestiones Vivas

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Cuestiones Vivas #4, 2018, Beech wood and aluminum foil, variable measures

Exvoto, 2011, Carved silver and wood, 2 x 1 x 0,8 cm

Serie Vanitas-Inventario, 2018, Embossed aluminum, 45 x 45 x 5 cm

Confín, 2009, Vídeo, 20' 03"

Posar para la muerte, 2015, Granite, fabric and wood, variable measures

On the occasion of Arte_Madrid's Apertura Gallery Weekend program, we introduce the first Lecuona and Hernández solo exhibition at the Lucía Mendoza Gallery.

Their work goes through a hybridation of the media, dealing with the problems of painting from an sculptural view and vice versa; always having a predilection for installation processes and site-specific interventions.

Their body of work delves into the process of construction of images and the way in which we relate to these.

They are interested in how to contribute physicality, body and materiality to different abstractions that make up our historical, political, social and cultural imaginary. They explore the limits of language, territory, means, and images to find points of tension and to understand the frictions that occur in the physical and symbolic act of representation. 

Both of them are interested in issues of identity, territory, hegemony, colonialism, etc. that surrond us.

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