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Eros, the new exhibition of Stefano Bonacci gathers the latest works of the Italian artist, based on Greek and Roman mythology, and in particular, the myth of Eros, son of Aphrodite.

Through a series of sculptures made mainly of terracotta and plaster, but also with materials such as iron or brass, Bonacci approaches concepts closely related to those mythological beings, such as ideal beauty, physical desire, sexual power or kindness. Images and forms arise from modeling clay and working with traditional materials and methods always with his own hands; touching the material.

Modelling manually is an issue that is not merely technical or formal, but places the artist in that tension between the ideal beauty and the desire that accompanies it- Eros is, in fact, who wishes, who tends his bow towards the beautiful and the good.

In this exhibition, the works rediscover the myth and reformulate it by recreating it in disturbing and mysterious ways, the result of a time that places us today in front of a seemingly impassable wall. At the foot of that wall, art, driven by desire, flies armed with a bow and arrows, like a winged Eros, looking for good and beauty.

Through all his works that seek a strong visual impact, Bonacci's proposal, in line with his artistic career, questions ideas, emotions, myths, archetypes, chance, nature, man or reason.

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