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Next Saturday, November 23rd, Lucía Mendoza Gallery presents Mise en abyme, the second solo exhibition by Cristina Gamón. This is an unprecedented pictorial and installative project carried out after her experience at the Colegio de España in Paris, thanks to the Formarte grant from the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain.

The exhibition reflects on the boundaries between reality and fiction in art, conceiving the exhibition space as occupied margins. Thus, the gallery becomes a stage for representation; It is a framed space and a framework at the same time, an intermediary between the real space of the room and the real space of the painting. A mise en abyme - from the French set in the abyss - where the spectator is subject, observer and performer The show lets us catch a glimpse of the world outside the scene and in turn makes us part of the uncrossable reality of it.

The expression mise en abyme is a rhetorical figure consisting of imbricating a narrative within another of the same or similar theme. The strength of this resource has made it transfer from literature to both visual and performing arts. Painted or written history, both frame the myth, its representation: the artwork as a window. It is the image as a screen, it is a frame as a stcene. In short, a symbolic space, a perspective, in this case, abysmal.


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