Alicia Martín

06.09.2018 - 07.27.2018

Lucía Mendoza Gallery presents the exhibition of the multidisciplinary artist Alicia Martín. retratodeartista opens on June 9th and it can be visited until July 27th.

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en equilibrio

Cristina Avello, Stefano Bonacci

04.14.2018 - 06.02.2018

Two multidisciplinary artists whose common point is the search for balance, understood as the harmonic point that dictates the moment in which the work is finished, in which its elements have a precise position in space and a reason to occupy it.

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Peter Demetz

01.27.2018 - 04.07.2018

We are pleased to announce the first exhibition by Peter Demetz at Lucía Mendoza art gallery. The Italian sculptor proposes a work carved on wood as the only material to accomplish his purposes.

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Lara Φ Cuétara

Mercedes Lara, Fernando Cuétara

11.25.2017 - 01.19.2018

Space, time and light make up the axis on which we articulate this exhibition. Lara's work dialogues with the relevance of time and space, the rhythm of the first and the versatility of the second.

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