Creative Process, Part I

Chichinabo, Mar González, Mercedes Lara, Loyal Family Studio, Abraham Menéndez, pablozeta, Pluma, José A. Roda, Adolfo Barnatán, Paloma Canivet, Roberto Diz, Mayte García-Lifegist, Isabel Moltó, Yaellagazelle

11.15.2014 - 12.06.2014

The art gallery Lucy Mendoza presents its new project "Creative Process".

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Christian Voigt. Temples & Religions

Christian Voigt

09.13.2014 - 11.13.2014

All human beings have their different ideologies and religions, the center of these philosophies are their temples.

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Francisco Farreras

04.22.2014 - 06.22.2014

Francisco Farreras, small format, an approach to the different epoques of the artist along a selection that shows the different techniques he has work with throughout the years.

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Chirino & Chirino

Marta Chirino, Martín Chirino

02.20.2014 - 04.20.2014

This exhibition has been a surprise for us from the moment of its conception.
Throughout the first approach, the subsequent reflection as during the designing

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