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Conociendo a Oliver Czarnetta

One week later, we dive into the world of  the German sculptor Oliver Czarnetta.

Conociendo a Luna Bengoechea

Luna Bengoechea proposes a review of our feeding routines as well as the methods and techniques used in food production.

Meeting Peter Demetz

The new exhibition of Peter Demetz should have been inaugurated on March 28th.

Conociendo a Salustiano

One week later, we go deep into the world of one of our represented artists, who is already well known to all: Salustiano.

Meeting Mercedes Lara

We want you to get a more personal imput of all the artists of the gallery in order to understand them better, it will certainly help you understan

Gotas Infinitas

Toshiro Yamaguchi has inaugurated the exhibition Gotas Infinitas at the Centre of Art Tomás y Valiente in Fuenlabrada.