Cláudio Garrudo wins The Coruche Biennale

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Sorria Claudio Garrudo

The Coruche Biennale which was inaugurated on Saturday unanimously awarded first place to the work "SMILE" Claudio Garrudo.

The work "SMILE" is an installation by the River SORRAIA, was developed specifically for the Biennial of Coruche and is a project designed taking into account two basic premises: interaction with the public and suitability for the site.
On the one hand, the play "SMILE" intends able to interact with local people and visitors, even if they are not awake to contemporary art or are alienated from other forms and artistic and cultural expressions. On the other hand, assumes the need for site-specific creation and not import ideas or concepts that could be effective in Coruche or other coordinates.

Since 2013 the Biennial of Coruche took a more strongly in the village streets contact of public art and mere bystanders with the various artistic expressions. This approach of showing art on the street and not street art captures new audiences leading them to the Museum and at the same time, wake up to another type of artistic interventions, assuming a key role in creating public and the intersection thereof,
In this sense, project presentation "SMILE" is part of this line and meets the purpose and the added value of the county integrating features of this territory.

SMILE is a 6x3m Street facility in support outdoor type, black background with the letters "SORRAIA" made in light. As the first "A" is deleted intentionally create a double reading SMILE / SORRAIA a clear analogy to the local river. With this game we urge the public to smile even at a difficult time for the Portuguese, while work on the characteristics of the region.

The seventh edition of the Biennial of Coruche is patrente of 26 September to 11 October.

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