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Luna Bengoechea proposes a review of our feeding routines as well as the methods and techniques used in food production. Art becomes a media that tries to awaken our consciousness and stimulate reflection.
Bengoechea's work highlights the existence of the risks hidden in foods which we consume daily. In this foods that give us life and help us to continue with it, there is a certain danger, or at least some masked uncertainty.
Perhaps the actual situation will teach us to focus our attention on local agriculture, perhaps that will help us recover traditions, perhaps we will have to look back a little to walk forward...

What does the artistic creation mean to you?
For me the artistic creation is a way to filter and understand the experiences and all the learning that becomes from my own living. I think that the artistic creation is a way to understand all those experiences through a way of perception that is very related to intuition. For me is very attractive to approach the world through the artistic creation. It helps me to understand and assimilate, and also to comunicate and express myself.

Do you remember the first contact you had with contemporary art?
It was in the last years of my degree in Fine Arts. I remember perfectly when I found out the artworks of Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Jeff Koons or the Land Art. I was very interested in contemporary art like something to explore, that is constantly changing and evolves with the society and the context. Contemporary art can’t be defined in a precise way, I loved that.

Do you have a reference artist?
Yes, I have closer references and I consider that they have an important significance nowadays, for instance the collective PSJM (Cinthya Viera y Pablo San José), Eugenio Merino, Marina Vargas or Carlos Aires.

Do you remember any artwork that is special for you? 
There are many artworks that I consider special, but I would highlight an artwork that left a mark on me and it was the Joiners’s series of David Hockney, in which he depicted different landscapes or persons through multiple photographical compositions. Until that moment I only knew his works on canvas or paper and his ability to transger the format and to experiment with other means like the photography, scenography or fashion was a magnificent discovery for me. It was a great influence for me back then.
In which museum in the world would you get lost?
I would get lost in the Tate Modern of London.
What artistic era would you visit without hesitation? 
A few!, but I would have loved to have discovered the light with the impressionists, and I would have loved to live the birth of the artistic Avant-gardes of the XXth century.

Are there any artistic plan that you have pending? 
Yes, I have a lot of ideas that I want to develop.

Any critic or comment about your work that has made you specially excited? 
Yes, recently after a meeting about my work in the CAAM (Atlantic Center of Modern Art), some people who participated in the round of questions emphasized the coherence in my work and the relevance of my artistic project in the actual perspective. That excited me and made me proud of the work I do.

What would you do if you did not dedicate yourself to artistic creation? 
I would have chosen to be a musicien.
Is there a book or a movie that you never tire of? 
There are several fims, Her, Matrix, Blade Runner, between others, and in relation to the books I never get tired of reading Ecofeminismo written by Vandana, Shiva and María Mies and Come Comida Real by Carlos Ríos.

Do you have any talisman objects in your house/study?
I haven’t any precise talisman, but in my study there are always plants. I have one plant in concret from 2014. It was in my first study and it comes always with me, it has its own name, Petra. It is a beatiful Pothos and it is very tough, at least enough to survive with me so long.  
Is there any quote that you often use to motivate yourself? 
I don’t know, maybe, “Come on” or “start at the beginning” or “al golpito” a Canarian expression that cheers you to continue and don’t lose your patience.  

Last question, would you give us some advice for those who are starting out on the road of collecting? 
I am not an expert on that issue, but I would recommend to listen to the opinion of the artists, I believe very much in artist’s criteria to identify  talent in other colleagues, on the other hand I would recommend to collect artworks of living artists,  and I would recommend that they will not forget to support the work of consecrated artists.


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