Francisco Farreras in Munich.

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Francisco Farreras en Múnich

Francisco Farreras' work is inspired by the informal, focused on the material painting after 1945th He creates collages of color pigments, glue, gauze and silk paper. From this he developed three-dimensional Coudragen of colored, cut into different sized pieces and then sewn together in new arrangement sailcloth, which are mounted on an irregular basis. The visible seams break the formerly monochrome image area to emphasize the characteristics of the material.

Everyday objects form into expressive, aspiring in the horizontal or vertical reliefs. The material remains in its raw state is altered by reflex Composition with other materials, through creative design and the use of color pigments, which are obtained by combustion processes differentiated textures.
In his recent work prevails a geometrical shape; In it culminates the diversity and the individual expression of his work.

14.11.2015 in Galerie Rieder in Munich. 

News byr: Galerie Rieder


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