The Japanese Tour of Yamaguchi

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LADS Gallery, Osaka, Japón

Toshiro Yamaguchi has started a new stage of exhibitions in the land of the raising sun, which will take him to exhibite his work in several galleries along the next months (in the image, one of them in LADS Gallery, Osaka).

On the ocassion of this tour, we recover his thoughts and reflections on art:

"When we encounter an extraordinary piece of art, we feel that something enters our deep end and hurts us. Scientists say, the brain is then forced to make a general reorganization by receiving this new experience and can’t cope with this in the context of traditional cognition.

As a result of the reorganization, something new is created. This process can be called creation. You could say that the difference between our cognitive system and the real world is the food for us to be creative. Therefore, we must continue to feel the difference and get the deep wound caused by the damage. We need to relate to the outside, that is, with the world. Because I believe that "The originality comes from contact and communication with other people, by the process of expressing their experiences and clearly recognize the difference between these experiences and those of others, one gets to know consciously how is oneself".

The important thing is to keep the conversation to create the harmony of connivance, but to recognize the different idea of ​​the other through the sincere and honest exchange of ideas. This would be very hard, but without finding the gap you can’t receive the necessary stimulus for creativity.

In fact, sometimes we do not know what we think until telling someone. Communication is a way to talk to ourselves. Because to think, express and perceive complete a cycle of recognition. The bigger the gap between what we think and what we express, the greater the possibility of creating something new and of a personal change. This last issue is one of the greatest contributions of creation to us.

Creating a work is a way to know what we're thinking. There will naturally be a gap between what we wanted to do and what is done. It is easy to reduce the size of the gap: doing just what you can or repeating what you have always done. Although that wouldn’t be creation but production. Therefore, it is never necessary to be afraid to jump into the sea of ​​uncertainties, because living is keep on creating ourselves into an uncertain future."



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