Luna Bengoechea en la XIX edición de Inéditos

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La Casa Encendida Fundación Montemadrid celebrates this year the XIX edition of Inéditos. As part of this programme, the curator Nuria Montclús presents the exhibition project La Cosa del Pantano: crítica(s) y poética(s) desde la aberración. 

The work of Luna Bengoechea, one of our represented artists, is present in the exhibition with a selection of sculptures and drawings made in acrylic resin and photoluminescent ink drawings. Nuria Montclús develops a dialogue bringing the so known comic to our days and renewing it from the present time.

La Cosa del pantano: crítica(s) y poética(s) desde la aberración proposes to rethink the different relationships established with our environment and how the modifications derived from this are treated as well as the options this offers in contemporary artistic activity and the development of its discourses. 

The exhibition can be visited from October 8th 2020 to January 10th 2021.




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