MARTA CHIRINO ARGENTA "​I conceive my work"

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I conceive my work as a global project in which my main passion, botanical art is reflected in different areas: art, illustration SCIENTIFIC, disclosure, PICTURE, DESIGN.

I am seeking inspiration in the plant world, in forms that catch me and lead me to the drawing, in its beauty and in its long presence that is what my work incorporates a timeless seal. In an almost absent horizon I present the stages of development of living organisms: birth, death and fulfillment and in turn, makes me think for a beautiful and different time when there is no rush to finish.

As for what drives me, I would say is knowledge, because after me carried away by the passion of what was found, what I want is to know in depth what I have before my eyes. Knowing your small structures that allow the individual to assemble stay upright, or reproductive organs so tiny ... sometimes see pollen grains adhere to pearly styles ...

And with this desire to know, there is the need for teaching what I see, to share the admiration that I feel.

Despite this disturbing point own nature, I seek to express their beauty.

For the love of the things I think well done, I try to incorporate the excellent performance of the work and the truth that I subject, despite compose freely to express my personality and moods in each work.

The technique I use regularly, is graphite on a parchment paper. The almost absent color, it is not necessary to express what I'm after. Inspired by the plant forms new compositions emerge with its own identity, trying to approach through the poetic thought, art.

PRINTS: new engraving techniques allow us to transfer the drawing faithfully, so that after scanning the original in high resolution and pass it to a sheet of light-sensitive photopolymer, we get a picture on which to intervene. The final product is a new refined image for the choice of paper, ink and the size and joint work between the artist and engraver.