Meeting Peter Demetz

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The new exhibition of Peter Demetz should have been inaugurated on March 28th. Due to the health emergency, it has been rescheduled, we hope to send you that information very soon. Meanwhile this week our date is with him. We travel to Bolzano, in Northern Italy, to speak with Peter Demetz.
While waiting for his next exhibition, we hope you enjoy his new proposals, true carved wooden stages where the viewer becomes an exceptional witness to a starting point that invites to reflection on his own reality.

- What does the artistic creation mean to you?

It is a form of self-identification. Being creative means to discover yourself and to reach freedom.

- Do you remember the first contact you had with contemporary art?

Yes, it was in the school. I was very surprised how similar the modern and contemporary art is to the primordial art.

- Do you have a reference artist?

Edward Hopper and Tilmann Riemenschneider.

- In which museum in the world would you get lost?

I cannot stay longer than a few hours in a museum. Without full concentration, I don’t stay longer in a museum. I really like the Leopold museum in Vienna.

- What artistic era would you visit without hesitation?

I would never travel back to an artistic epoque, but if I could choose, I would travel to the next one!

- Are there any artistic plans that you have pending?

No, I follow my intuition, not my thoughts. I have plans, dreams, fantasies, but they should not be goals.

- Any critic or comment about your work that has made you especially excited?

A known artist from my country, Joseph Kostner, he passed away a few years ago, seeing my works said: In my times (meaning the 60’s) we had to scream out our interior, to wake up the people, to say move on. But nowadays we need to say: stop. Slow down and reflect. I like your work because it induces us to hold on, to reach a conscious perception of us.

- What would you do if you did not dedicate yourself to artistic creation?

Probably I would have been a physician (astronomy) or biologist … something related to science. I love going to root of the things, to the nature of the things.

- Is there a book or a movie that you never get tired of?

“Deep Blue” documentary film, 2003.

- Do you have any talisman objects in your house/study?

No, I never had one.

- Is there any quote that you often use to motivate yourself?

No, I turn on the Radio and listen to the music I like.

- Last question, would you give us some advice for those who are starting out on the road of collecting?

They should follow their intuition, trust in their taste. If the idea to own a specific artwork makes them to feel right, make them feel good … that is the right choice. Don’t buy art to be admired by other people.


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