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Oliver Czarnetta

“Das wilde Denken” Olivez Czarnetta. Galería Lucía Mendoza.

(Until October 24)

1. Oliver Czarnetta (Germany, 1966) theory was interesting (Art Historian and Philosopher) but remained somewhat inert, so he set out to create, and if you arrimas will see his theory on what we have in the head in his impressive pieces of soft and sinuous resin. The material "cristalíquido" as Oliver called.

2. Because, like all artists with vision, have the entire history of art in his retina and if not refer to it in a visible, it does in the sensory. For example, plays with our perception of reality and space as was done with the trompe l'oeil in painting but he slides through holes in structures and lead the work within or across it.

3. I met him at Summa Contemporary and intend to know more Feel like? he knows how to express what sometimes round in our heads or what weighs us of the life we ​​lead, with power but no drama, it's like best hits an argument.


News by: El Faro de Hopper