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The TVE program will be the subject of the exhibition.

Canal Foundation. "Metropolis 30 años"



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The Guillermo de Osma gallery shows an exhibition, absolutely ashtonishing, included in the Photoespaña Festival Off program.
With a deep and prolonged research and a very rigorous selection, the exhibition traces the avant-garde photography in Spain between the years 1924-1939.
The show includes works by photographers like Lekuona, Arissa, Aznar, Hausman, Renau or Westerdahl, and also some amazing collage that would surprise us by unpredictable.


Please, colaborate in the Elena Gimeno crowd founding for her new artwork, it's worth it!!

We already did!!!





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On May 4th at six we will have the chance of  witnessing the opening of the exhibition "Secret Garden" at Sargadelos Art Gallery in Pontevedra, Galicia. This colective exhibition gathers some of the artists represented by the Lucia Mendoza Art Gallery, like Ignacio Canales, Mercedes Lara or Toshiro Yamaguchi. Completing the roster will be italian artist Maurizio Colombo and japanese artists Masahiro Okawa and Yuzo Osumi.


In this struggle for funds, we have raised the project to turn the clinic Meki in hospital in a crowdfunding platform ( and we need your support.

Our project has been validated and is now in the box. You need 100 votes to pass the round of financing in which we will have to move much to get the 10,000 euros that we have raised. Definitely a challenge.

To get those 100 votes, we have you. Voting is super easy. No registration, just to click with our mouse: