Public and private outdoor spaces enhance their beauty with the installation of sculptures that interact with the environment integrating art into nature, no matter where we are.

Open air art is a new line of work that aims to satisfy the growing demand for outdoor sculptures. Of great relevance between curators and collectors, it already has a strong representation in international museums and foundations, in both public and private management.

Sculptures designed to be exhibited outdoors, to enhance private and public spaces. Lucia Mendoza art gallery has gathered works of internationally recognized artists that may be shown throughout the year, interacting with the environment, reflecting the time, playing with the nuances of colors and lights.

Rafael Canogar

Rafael Canogar is one of Spain's most recognized both nationally and internationally abstract painters. Perhaps the sculptures are one of his most unknown facets.

In the early eighties, his constant concern for reinventing his own painting led him to turn his gaze on the work of his predecessors artist that became his inspirations ever since. Thus arise several series of works that are themselves a revision of the first historical vanguards, paying special tribute to Julio Gonzalez, mostly for the period in which he is inevitably influenced by Pablo Picasso and where his works have a clear cubist character that definitely transforms his conception of sculpture.

This sculptural adventure blurs the boundaries between figuration and abstraction and creates a personal and distinctive abstract language. Many institutions that have exhibited his work such as the remarkable retrospective by the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in 2001.

"The new sculpture will not, as before, be mere decoration to step away and look. The new sculpture wants to stand in the way of man, be a fun experience ".

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Rafael Canogar, Máscara

Máscara, 2013. Corten steel, 107 x 90 x 75 cm

Martín Chirino,  El Viento Solano VI

Solano Wind VI, 2009. Wrought iron rusty, 191 x 195 x 117 cm

Martín Chirino

Martin Chirino is, above all, blacksmith. He has dedicated a lifetime to forging iron, trying to communicate with his homeland, with the wind, with the primary forms and the forge itself.

The sculptural production Chirino has always had as a reference the union with nature, which is the earth in harmony and the real world, that connect through instruments like the plow and fence, understood as extensions of man.

The constant element in the work of Chirino is the spiral. The allegorical representation of his native island Canary wind, reflected in this work: Solano Wind VI. This is one reason why their outdoor sculptures get an exceptional dimension. His work is exhibited in important museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Guggenheim in New York.

"It is easy to draw or paint shadows, but the challenge for a sculptor is materializing, give them a body weight".

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Manuel Valdés

The career of Manolo Valdes is internationally recognized. Matter and space are a constant reflection on his sculptures. He dives into the history of art to recreate the themes that inspired the great masters such as Matisse, Velázquez and Rembrandt. For him, his sculptures are designed to have different lives and personalities that change depending on the season. He has therefore made many solo exhibitions of monumental outdoor sculpture. These include those of Park Avenue in New York or the traveling exhibition of 21 Meninas that began in Paris, he followed in Zurich and ended in Oviedo.

"Works of art, fine arts, these structures are nothing if you’re are told about them, but they are essential if you see them"

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Manuel Valdés, Mujer con sombrero de abanicos

Woman with abanicos, 2014. Aluminium, 400 x 600 x 300 cm

Manuel Valdés, Menina

Menina, 2007. Bronze, 170 x 130 x 87 cm

David Rodríguez Caballero, 08.AGOSTO.2013

08.AGOSTO.2013, 2013. Aluminium, 240 x 50 x 40 cm

David Rodríguez Caballero

Geometric abstraction sets the plastic universe that this painter and sculptor has created. As principal axes of his works appear light and matter. Rodríguez Caballero lives between Madrid and New York, where he has his atelier. He travelled to the Big Apple in 1998 awarded with a scholarship by the Navarra government and ever since he has earned scholarships of important museums like the Guggenheim and MoMA. His painting gave way naturally to sculpture, then wall sculptures later leaded to exquisite outdoor monumental works. His work is represented in numerous international collections such as Coca Cola Foundation or ISE Cultural Foundation (New York / Tokyo).

"I convert a material cold and distant look in more poetic and friendly, more understandable and appealing. The nobility can not be removed, but highlighted or enhanced"

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Diego Canogar

Sculptor and engraver. His works are like drawings in three dimensions. The technique, materials used and light are the elements encharged of the colour in his works, he himself will deal with shaping. Nature is configured as its source of inspiration, as well as geometry. In his sculptures, the contrast between empty or full spaces or plays with textures. Diego Canogar is present in important collections and regularly participates in important art fairs. The Official College of Architects of Madrid exposes one of his pieces in its garden permanently.

"I am passionate about keeping a child's curiosity and the rigor of an engineer, because it is not enough to just think about what you want to do, the other half of the fun is to figure out how you will make it"

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Diego Canogar, Esferas Ausentes

Spheres Absentees, 2016. Cutting steel, 165 x 123 x 80 cm

Diego Canogar, Tetramorfo

Tetramorfo perforado, 2013. Welded corten steel, 420 x 200 x 154 cm

Manuel H. Mompó, Florero El Beso 4/7

Florero El Beso 4/7, 2005. Painted steel, 54 x 52 x 108 cm

Manuel H. Mompó

His work is characterized by abstract and informalist forms. The letters end up becoming scribbles creating a unique language. The Valencian painter maintains a close relationship with the brightness, that well known clarity of the Levantine coast that has as well fascinated other painters such as Joaquín Sorolla. In his work the space seem to flow in a magical way. To Mompó, who won the Unesco Prize at the 1968 Venice Biennale, painting was like breathing: a vital function that is done without thinking.

"My work is based on reality, on everything that is alives before us, around us".

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Mar Solís

She has based her career in the research of balance and space. The curves and the play of light and shadows are present in all her sculptures. The drawing is an essential tool for this artist. The same line delimiting the paper becomes both space sculptural material. Broken lines together form transparent spaces and, in the case of her work, in passable areas. Although she has worked metal, and paper as well, wood has been throughout hercareer more than a medium for sculpture; It has become meaning and inspiration. Living matter, delicate, breathes and moves, which has its different shades of skin, different hardnesses. With it, the challenge of raising, erecting the parts supported at the end of those very thin legs; in order to play with the fragility of balance, with instability, with the fragility of the material. Her public work is exposed in places like Madrid, Lapland and South Korea, and among her solo exhibitions are the one in the IVAM of Valencia or the Frost Art Museum in Miami.

"When I photograph or draw I am doing sculpture; you could say that is in an interpretive way, a manner of looking "

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Mar Solís, Rozando el cielo

Rozando el cielo, 2008. Stainless steel, 275 x 220 x 100 cm