Cristina Gamón | Mise en abyme

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The French expression mise en abyme (abyss) is a rhetorical figure consisting of imbricating a narrative within another of the exact or similar theme. The strength of this resource has made it transfer from literature to both visual and performing arts.

Painted or written history, both frame the myth, its representation. "A window open to history", as Leon Battista Alberti would define “the painting is a transparent window through which we look at a section of the visible world”. A cut veil turned into surface to find its barriers.

The exhibition reflects about the limits between reality and fiction in art conceiving the space as occupied margins. The gallery becomes a scene for the re-presentation; both a framed space and a framework, an intermediary between the real space of the room and that of the painting.

The exhibition lets us glimpse  the world outside of the scene as it makes us complicit in its impassable reality.


With prologue by Francisco Carpio.

  • Artist:  Cristina Gamón
  • Editor:  Galería Lucía Mendoza
  • Año:  2 019

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