Cristina Gamón | Unstable Paintings

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The implicit complexity in her work is the fruit of the greatness of her concerns. Cristina Gamón lives filled in her own universe of creation in which she suffers and enjoys developing an absolutely personal language. The simplicity of her presentation is the result of an invaluable capacity of reflection in her work. She investigates, studies, reads, analyzes, meditates, obtaining a result of an undeniable coherence. Her creativity is overwhelming, her ability to work is praiseworthy, her spontaneity, extraordinary.

With the unstable painting, the author definitively breaks with the limitations imposed by the frame despite the rigidity of the material, both the painting and the medium need to go out of their habitual forms and does it wrapping them in a nostalgic reflection on the painting in tapestry, the Decadence of the painting that she herself expresses in a phrase that summarizes both her intention and her aesthetic: "... suspended as artificial cascades inspired by a landscape of glacial languages ​​that drag and deposit the saturation of painting ...". Everything has an aesthetic and ethical justification in his work, so it is so solid.

  • Artist:  Cristina Gamón
  • Editor:  Galería Lucía Mendoza
  • Año:  2 017
  • Precio:  €20.00

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