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Portada Catálogo Francisco Farreras

Francisco Farreras: A man of few words and valuable gestures of inventive generosity. His neatness technique is undeniable, his artistic skill is great and his creative character is constant.

He is progressing in materials that slip imperceptibly through his work but surprising the viewer with signs from the past. All made by board circles, string pieces or burned varnishes. Each litle object is a new phoneme in his vocabulary, which instensifies the conversation.

Farreras, Paco, always makes references to shyness, to the instinctive, to what is learnet but not acquired. There is no better definition for his work that the one offered by him between or above the lines. He is embarrased to talk about how his work is instinctive and intimate, how is born from the unknown, from his naturalness and his forcefulness. It is simply a vital necessity.

Through the years, Farreras's work has evolved to achieved an absolute control of space, to manipulate proportions with complete precision and even to be able to use the right color.

Farreras is not an artist that needs to take refuge in shapes, in institutional relationships or academic appointments. He does not need approval or applauses, he only needs to create and in his creation appears his speech.

No es Farreras un autor que necesite ampararse en la forma, en relaciones institucionales, nombramientos académicos, no necesita de aprobación ni de aplauso, tan sólo necesita crear y en su creación va sugerido todo su discurso.

At Lucía Mendoza Gallery, works never exhibited before.

Come on in, watch and enjoy.




  • Artist:  Francisco Farreras
  • Editor:  Galeria Lucia Mendoza
  • Año:  2 016
  • Precio:  €20.00

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