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Pursueing beauty implies a predisposition to the delight of the spontaneous joy of an instant.

Sometimes it is quite complex to write in words certain impressions, and this is one of those cases. To describe what Marta Chirino manages to share with us through her works becomes arduous and delicate. As, while maintaining a clear superficial disquisition between scientific illustration and botanical drawing, she presents a profound reflection to what the simple complexity of nature is concerned.

Thus, as we noted, beyond scientific meticulousness; beyond the pictorial action, Marta offers us an allegory of nature. Topics such as the origin of life and the expiry thereof, the greatness and generosity of nature and within the beauty and harmony, symmetry, or balance are part of her great small universe.

  • Artist:  Marta Chirino
  • Editor:  Galería Lucía Mendoza
  • Año:  2 016
  • Precio:  €20.00

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