Mercedes Lara | Habitando el proceso

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The continuous change, the constant movement, the adjusted rhythm.
We occupy space and we occupy time. We thrive in habitats with very precise rhythms. Everything is in constant transformation.
Light tells us about time. Our self, being a reflection of the other, composes a personal identity based on our own and the collective, establishing our own rhythms, delimited habits.
The beginning of a project is based on a system of approaches, a drawing that helps us to project ideas. We learn when we associate, it is a way of being present, of inhabiting the now. This project has the pretension of being a drawing of the idea of inhabiting the processes, as inhabiting the present. The present is, it can be placed in time and space and recognize a rhythm but can not quantify them, that capacity belongs to another moment that will also be present.

With prologue by Fernando Castro Flórez.

  • Artist:  Mercedes Lara
  • Editor:  Galería Lucía Mendoza
  • Año:  2 019

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