Oliver Czarnetta. Sculptor

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Oliver Czarnetta

As the monitor of his own artistic activity, which is generally time-consuming and typically has its preparatory and trial stages, Czarnetta simply lets go of his all-co-ordinating directorial role and cedes to chance and surprise.

As if the sculptor were throwing anything that could be called control to the wind and stepping aside – now to one side, now to the other. – guided by whatever matter he finds on his adventures beyond the fold. The ‘matter’ need not always be physical material in the shape of wood, nails, broken glass or pottery, photographs, tin figures, flotsam and jetsam, or tins. The trove from Czarnetta’s bouts of sidetracking also include spontaneous ideas and associations, which he himself calls ‘snap thoughts’. It is these that enable him to work faster and more intuitively, without having to ponder the creative process at length first. Egged on and fuelled by his own pool of memories, the most diverse array of materials accretes and becomes Escapade sculptures.

  • Artist:  Oliver Czarnetta
  • Editor:  Lucía Mendoza
  • Año:  2 015