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“Life is made of  moments.” Peter Demetz.

The word “moment” bears within it an odd semantic duality. Deriving from the Latin word for movement (movere), it refers, on the one hand, to a very brief portion of time, a fleeting interval, an instant — hence we speak of a momentary pause or a momentary pleasure. And yet “moment” can also refer to something of great importance, as signified by the word “momentous” — for example, a momentous day, or a momentous decision. While odd, this semantic duality is also, on certain levels, faithful to experience. For it is precisely the coming together of those pauses and pleasures, those days and decisions, whether lasting or ephemeral, whether consequential or slight, that yields and shapes a lived life — in other words, that most momentous thing any of us can be said to have, and yet, in the end, the most momentary.


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