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Salustiano's work is based on the depth of the spirit and the superficiality of human passions. It offers us the portrait as a reflection in which to search among our emotions, he is clear to deprive his work of his personal sensible load in order to provoke a reaction in the observer. And he succeeds in getting us to dive in the most hidden waters of our being in search of the memory that leads us to that moment of our life in which our animus was illuminated with the same feeling that is inspired by staring at each portrayed figure. He will insist, it is not him or his inner himself who is to be admired but ourselves as viewers.

Salustiano does not want to be a protagonist, he does not pretend to talk about himself or his emotions. He does not judge or interpret, does not ask or respond. Salustiano is his painting, it is what in his work we see, he is us, we are he; In his paintings lies the most absolute idea, and it is in each one to understand what we see, how we see it. That's what it's all about, it's all one, one is everything.

Salustiano's painting is the spirit, the thought and the creative energy, it is simply, magic.

It contains text by Javier Díaz-Guardiola, journalist, critic and curator of exhibitions. Nowadays, he is the coordinator of the section of art, architecture and design of ABC Cultural.


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