Stefano Bonacci. The distance required

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Stefano Bonacci. La distancia necesaria

The contemplation of a work of art, before taking into account any other technical consideration, is particularly intimate and personal. An initial appraisal quickly leads us to rejection or acceptance. Then comes the question of why that feeling or that sensation occurs.

Along this path which today leads us to present this magnificent exhibition, Stefano's attitude defines his persona and his work. Besides taking his obsession with perfection to the minutest detail; showing his rational character as if he had been born during the Renaissance; and displaying unquestionable rigour and thoroughness with everything and everyone, when I asked him to send me the final list of the pieces to be exhibited, his reply was "Give me a little room for freedom, for some unexpected happening in the exhibition, so we can have a more agile and more fun exhibition".  


Note: I would like to particularly thank the curator of this exhibition, Nicola Mariani, for his cooperation. His great interest in contemporary art and in-depth knowledge of Stefano Bonacci and his work have been an inspiration since the moment we met.

  • Artist:  Stefano Bonacci
  • Editor:  Lucía Mendoza
  • Año:  2 016
  • Precio:  €20.00

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