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Toshiro Yamaguchi. todo_nada_todo

Anything that is deep in life seems simple.

Toshiro Yamaguchi appears at first sight as a easy man of smiling eyes and restful thought. And as usual what is deep never shows so, undoubtedly the first impression is wrong.

Yamaguchi will never be protagonist of his comments, he will not speak in the first person of his work nor will interfere with the viewer impressions much less with their interpretations. Everything he is, what he feels and what he thinks is in his work, and it is it what speaks for him.

His generosity speaks of the artist's need to communicate with others, peers or not, leaving the protection of the environment to feed on other airs, other perspectives, other feelings, other people, other, other, other.

  • Artist:  Toshiro Yamaguchi
  • Editor:  Lucía Mendoza
  • Año:  2 015

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